Urban E.T.


Installation of figures in public spaces as an output of work; study of relations between the human body and environment.  The figure, body is the last artefact we cannot doubt of. Every human being does have a biological human body, everybody knows its silhouette, and it can be decoded by its own formula and experience.  The human body is unique because in its nature it is present in the most conceptual work.  My concept is based on explicitness of outer shape and core, sense is established by the viewer himself/herself according to his/her experience and imagination. The powerful context of the instillation site helps imagination and creates possibility of interpretation.  And that is precisely what I would like to show. Every human body, personality, detail is perceived in line with surroundings; it is shaped, impacted by the environment, which creates a closed unit.    The figures are in mutual symbiosis with a place, they reshape it, change its established symbol and appearance.  The more specific is the place, the more efficient is the coexistence of the body and place.   The place carries messages to the body; long-established contents are changing.

The overall project comprises of several site specific installations.  The project starts only after successful completion of some installations, when the viewer will be able to compare behaviour of the human figure at various sites in various contexts and history.