UrbanE.T. III


The third series of the project UrbanE.T. is inspired by Koller fictively gallery.
The work is based on the present as well as the Koller project reflected social situation in normalization ´70s and the beginning of ´80s; we are in the period of gutter capitalism. I will give you a quote from the book D. Grúň Galéria Ganku, where it is written that the Koller work is the outcome: “of deep scepticism to media representation and application of the basic principles of a game with these representations.” The parallel between UrbanE.T. and Galéria Ganku is in information and media. M. Šimečka in his book Restoration of Order (Obnovenie poriadku) writes: “Information is a neuralgic spot of Real Socialism—the whole organism of the Socialist society reacts alarmingly to each undirected piece of information, immediately enfolds it in conjectures and treats it as a faulty signal in the system of total control. This sensitivity has developed over years of fol-lowing the newspapers, radio, and television. It often took as little as an unusual photograph, article edit or absence of a familiar phrase in the usual place to stir up speculation.” This is what is still happening today, whether we call it white, black or pink. We have to crawl under the boundaries of low levels in order to overrun the threshold of pervasiveness. Only reality, absolute true is served to us. We are bound by the generally fixed rules of truth. The shell of facts that is served to us is not trying to show the truth, it works only with the gutter character of information. So called present shockianism. Information is not used for informing, it is used for propaganda and satisfaction on how to spend our free time. It is as much empty as organised information in socialism. Koller´s information would not correspond to socialist standards, it was transmitted only fictively, i.e. it was invisible and therefore harmless. As A.L. Barabasi writes in his book V pavučine sieti, which deals with the phenomenon of internet, information is invisible on the internet if we are not connected to a centre; the centre is a point, node with the large number of connections, clicks,,i.e. it is low level information.
The problem of seeing and been seen in the darkness of socialism changes to jump higher and bark louder in the gutter capitalism.
there is a link to responses to the project Urban E.T. III http://www.teraz.sk/regiony/ufo-vysoke-tatry-sochy/102933-clanok.html
the link before illustrates how all these reports could be displayed in a beautiful story about aliens who have just landed in High Tatras.
One layer of the project lives in fear that socio-political situation will happen again, when good quality and free galleries must be created only in the minds of artists. I stared to work on the project in the summer of 2014 when media war on the conflict in Ukraine reached a peak.