Earth song

Chemtrail kills, 72x39x28cm, mramor/marble, PUR pena/PUR foam, 2021

The exhibition project Earth song reflects the current discourse on the position of man in the world.
His destructive selfishness.
His way of bending and twisting the facts. 
His plundering and looting of natural wealth. 
His violent adaptation of natural laws. 
His constant spying on compliance with nonsensical rules. 
His disinformation and spreading hoaxes. 
His hiding of toxic relationships in society. 
But at the same time constantly resorting to shamanic practices. 

Agent K, 44x47x28cm, koža/leather, drevo/wood, kamera/camera, kovová konštrukcia/steel construction, 2023
BDSM tree, 196x60x56 cm, drevo/wood, koža/leather, reťaz/chain, 2023
BDSM tree, 196x60x56cm, drevo, koža, reťaz, 2023
Bublina/Bubble, 56x32x20 cm, kameň/stone, drevo/wood, 2023
Deštruktívna sebestrednosť/Destructive self-centeredness, 104x70x25cm, kameň/stone, drevo/wood, kovová konštrukcia(steel construction, vibrátor/vibrator, 2023
Šaman/Shaman, 85x36x30cm, drevo/wood, koža/leather, kosť/bone, 2023
Proroctvo/Prophecy, 79x51x5 cm, mramor/marple, drevo/wood, 2023
Matka/Mother, 166x41x32 cm, drevo/wood, koža/leather, klince/nails, 2023