The Last Tango, 215 × 107 × 72 cm, žula, 2018

Realization of large exterior works for the public is always a showcase for every sculptor. Large-scale artwork involve a combination of different challenges. From transport, implementation, installation, the financial complexity of material security to a wide range of public response. Technical and artistic refinement are already a matter of course.

The Last Tango, 215 × 107 × 72 cm, žula/granite, 2018   Rodina/Family, žula/granite, 151x80x50cm, 2014 Stoned Soul, 240 × 100 × 100 cm, žula/ granite, 2018, Mount Airy, USA

Ivett, 150 × 150 × 60 cm, pieskovec/sandstone, 2008




The alternation, overflowing and exuberance of sharp edges and shapes is interspersed with soft lines and organic forms. This creates a grouping of relations and properties that are contradictory. But here they complement each other and form a harmonious whole.

Hostina emócii/Emotional banquete, drevo/wood, 310 x 150 cm, 2005-2007 Hostina emócii/Emotional banquete, drevo/wood, 310 x 150 cm, 2005-2007

Inclinationof something that cannot be inclined destabilizes the idea of strength and stability of immutable truths. Disinterested view from a distance to an object put a smile on the face, but direct contact with the work, which we have in a disaster zone, evokes astonishment, as in the process of adopting new principles and truths.

Tree in wind/Strom vo vetre, beton, drevo, železo/concreate, wood and steel, 410 x 410 cm, 2007